How to build a purpose driven brand?

Many times, as marketers we all fall in love with our own idea or simply for the product we have created but more often than not, we are not really solving a problem for our consumers.

Then, our decisions are taken by an escalation of commitment which leads to a rationalisation of the concept you just created. This leads to reverse engineered the story and pushing the product/service down to the consumers — not a great feeling!

But, there is a way to understand why a product/service is needed.

Imagine if you could learn the step-by-step to solve a consumer problem?

First, you start with finding a real consumer insight: begin with answering the “why your consumer needs your product”, then build a solution that removes the barriers for the consumer and serve them with a compelling offer — a real promise.

Simple, right! How do I do that?

It is not always clear because we can’t see, but it doesn’t mean that it is not possible.

WHY: is your purpose, your mission, your values and your belief.

If you have this very clear for you and can externalise this in the minds of your consumer, then your creation process becomes more intuitive.

HOW: it’s what makes your product/service unique.

For you to become distinct, you need to find a white space in the market that can move you to an unsaturated positioning. Think of how you can break convention, disrupt an industry, it is important to think beyond what is in front of your reach.

WHAT: is your promise, your product or service.

Would you like to know how to use this method to build your brand?

See you later.

CMO at Saucony | Executive Board Member at Erwin Center For Brand Communications | Adjunct Professor at Clemson University.