It is time to shift from campaigns to conversations.

People are tired of being sold to! Your consumer is looking for brands to fall in love with on their own and make their own decision on the products that best fit their needs. Brands that constantly focus on pump-out products and campaigns like machines are coming across as untrustworthy, which leads to loss of credibility. In a time where we over-communicate so much through technology and robots, people want to talk to other people.

The post-pandemic will accelerate in the era of human-centered storytelling. If you have not adapted your…

“Compelling storytelling is an art that, if perfected, can drive brand love and increase sales like nothing else.”

As a marketer, purposeful storytelling is one of the most powerful tools, for building emotional connections with consumers. I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the greatest storytellers in the industry, and one that particularly stands out is Michael Krapohl. In working with Michael, we always used the Art and Science of storytelling, a simple model that has been used to create some of the best brand campaigns in the world.

To help you better understand this process,, I want…


I want to start with a reflection of what this year has brought to us. It’s a bit of hindsight and it is imperative that we reflect and grasp the learnings from some of the most difficult moments in our lives.

In this process, I tried to find simple words to best describe what 2020 meant to me. This is by far one of the greatest and hardest year of my entire life!


This was one of the biggest Wakeup Calls that humanity has faced in history. We weren’t ready for this. Everything around us went on a pause…

How to become dispensable by creating autonomous and highly-functional teams that can perform at the highest level?

“The best leaders begin with an environment that embraces and rewards innovative change.” — Lynne Doughtie, Chairman, and CEO, KPMG.

We’ve never questioned the notion of individual leadership. One person leading the pack. One individual carrying the group’s weight on their shoulders, setting the direction, and making lonely decisions.

That used to be the norm, until now.

We have been in the era of Pack Leadership for quite some time already.

Everything has been moving at warp speed, and there is too much…

Now that we have learned to cope with the pandemic uncertainties and the social unrest in our lives, I thought I would stop to reflect on the key learnings from this experience.

For me, there is no better way than to share the journey and reflections in leading the #ReadyForSport brand campaign for adidas. This is by far, the greatest and the hardest professional experience I have ever had, challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries in re-imaging the launch playbook.

Not to forget, all during the pandemic with a zero-based budget!

The story you will read has only…

In the next few paragraphs, I’m going going to share my personal reflection of how has change impact the way we do marketing with you.

Let’s frame our conversation in the following questions:

  • What does all of this means to our consumers?
  • How people are reacting to change?
  • Why should we re-write the marketing playbook?

In simple terms, what doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you!

How you embrace change conveys your core values, which will translate in your ability to build meaningful relationships with your audience.

The ability to change to the new demands of today’s marketing world without compromising…

You can’t avoid the inevitable!

The pandemic brought many opportunities for you to accelerate and transform your marketing. This year we have learned through the pain that change is a necessity.

Marketing has evolved from interruptions to real and meaningful human connections. If your brand doesn’t deliver something indispensable and highly relevant to your consumer, then you will be faced with the simple hard reality.

“You will not be remembered!”

Today, consumers have become creators, producers and distributors of content. …

To become an authority in your segment is one of the key building blocks towards a real and authentic connection with your core consumer.

In the modern era of marketing, everything is connected and converged into one seamless experience.

People are consuming digital content more than ever before and with this comes a much higher expectation towards the brands they choose to be part of their lives.

For this reason, you should consider leveraging the power of influencer marketing to build your authority online and reach a broader audience. The reason to believe is quite simple!

“People buy from people…

Não lute contra o inevitável!

A pandemia trouxe uma grande oportunidade para acelerar a transformação de seu marketing. Neste ano aprendemos através da dor que a mudança veio como uma necessidade.

O marketing evoluiu da era de interrupções para conexões reais e humana. Se você não entrega algo indispensável e de uma maneira relevante ao seu consumidor, a dura realidade é bem simples.

“Você não será lembrado!”

Hoje os consumidores são criadores, produtores e distribuidores, este poder se potencializa de maneira exponencial este ano. O poder das redes sociais está cada vez maior do que a TV, por exemplo.


Você já contratou um influenciador digital que tem milhões de seguidores mas não obteve resultados?

E aí você ficou sem entender muito o que aconteceu.

Eu já errei muito, mas aprendi fazendo e através das dores. E por este motivo, não quero que você erre como eu errei. Isso pode ser simples, mas não tão fácil.

“Popularidade não é igual a influência!”

Hoje, muitos conseguem ter milhões de seguidores em suas redes sociais, mas se ele não tiver autoridade sobre o seu nicho, se ele não entregar um conteúdo relevante, de nada adianta! …

Fabio Tambosi

CMO at Saucony | Executive Board Member at Erwin Center For Brand Communications | Adjunct Professor at Clemson University.

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